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Should I delete some stuff?

3/9/13 by MF-Greth
Updated 3/9/13

Some of my older shit from 2011-2012 (all posted in 2012) and everything pre-2012 isn't exactly good. Should I purge this stuff from my audio folder here on Newgrounds, or should I leave it there as an embarrassing reminder?


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negrounds is like pissing in an ocean of piss

keep them up, unless you already deleted them in which case fuck



No, I can't find the stuff I made when I was 12 and it's really annoying.



Definitely leave it on Newgrounds. It will show people how much have you progressed :)

What Jaltoid said. LazyMuffin still has the choppy stick figure fights he made when he was like, 15. Now he makes his living animating.

I don't know if this helps but I came across you in.... I think it was "Artist News" on the Newgrounds home page? Anyway... I read your entry and was curious about what you were going to delete. So I picked an audio track at random and enjoyed listening to it. I picked another.... and another.... and another.... and.... I think you get the point. I enjoyed listening to them and if I have enough free time I'm gonna listen to all of them. You should keep them.

3/9/13 MF-Greth responds:

Some of the tracks I intended to delete include "Green THRILL Zone (Sonic)", "Together We Ride", "Trombe!", "Emergency (Star Fox)", "Ai No Uta (Pikmin Theme)", "Hot Hot Hot (HOTx3 mix)", as well as everything pre-2012.

No reason not to keep it really, most people will see your most recent stuff before they explore your older content.

I'd recommend leaving it. Even if you don't like listening to it, other users might. All content is a resource in one way or another, so it's a shame when users delete old stuff just because they're tired of it. Also, think about the potential ad-revenue of those works. ;)



ive deleted 2 flash movies and i regret it

I agree with Jaltoid, its a way for you to see daily just how much you have improved.

3/9/13 MF-Greth responds:

Yeah it's true, but some of them are SO bad it boggles me. Like the Star Fox and Sonic ones. *WOOF*.



I wouldn't see it as an "embarrassing reminder" rather its a timeline of how you improved.
Personally, I love to go back and see how artists/musicians started out. Its also a pleasant reminder of how far you've come. just my opinion though, its your profile. Do what you feel is best! :)

3/9/13 MF-Greth responds:

Thanks! Actually that is kind of encouraging.