Should I delete some stuff?

2013-03-09 14:22:46 by MF-Greth

Some of my older shit from 2011-2012 (all posted in 2012) and everything pre-2012 isn't exactly good. Should I purge this stuff from my audio folder here on Newgrounds, or should I leave it there as an embarrassing reminder?


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2013-03-09 14:34:37

I wouldn't see it as an "embarrassing reminder" rather its a timeline of how you improved.
Personally, I love to go back and see how artists/musicians started out. Its also a pleasant reminder of how far you've come. just my opinion though, its your profile. Do what you feel is best! :)

MF-Greth responds:

Thanks! Actually that is kind of encouraging.


2013-03-09 14:43:20

I agree with Jaltoid, its a way for you to see daily just how much you have improved.

MF-Greth responds:

Yeah it's true, but some of them are SO bad it boggles me. Like the Star Fox and Sonic ones. *WOOF*.


2013-03-09 16:54:47

ive deleted 2 flash movies and i regret it


2013-03-09 17:09:13

I'd recommend leaving it. Even if you don't like listening to it, other users might. All content is a resource in one way or another, so it's a shame when users delete old stuff just because they're tired of it. Also, think about the potential ad-revenue of those works. ;)


2013-03-09 19:45:10

No reason not to keep it really, most people will see your most recent stuff before they explore your older content.


2013-03-09 20:11:07

I don't know if this helps but I came across you in.... I think it was "Artist News" on the Newgrounds home page? Anyway... I read your entry and was curious about what you were going to delete. So I picked an audio track at random and enjoyed listening to it. I picked another.... and another.... and another.... and.... I think you get the point. I enjoyed listening to them and if I have enough free time I'm gonna listen to all of them. You should keep them.

MF-Greth responds:

Some of the tracks I intended to delete include "Green THRILL Zone (Sonic)", "Together We Ride", "Trombe!", "Emergency (Star Fox)", "Ai No Uta (Pikmin Theme)", "Hot Hot Hot (HOTx3 mix)", as well as everything pre-2012.


2013-03-10 00:25:39

What Jaltoid said. LazyMuffin still has the choppy stick figure fights he made when he was like, 15. Now he makes his living animating.


2013-03-10 12:42:31

Definitely leave it on Newgrounds. It will show people how much have you progressed :)


2013-03-10 20:05:35

No, I can't find the stuff I made when I was 12 and it's really annoying.


2013-03-11 22:22:24

negrounds is like pissing in an ocean of piss

keep them up, unless you already deleted them in which case fuck